Netflix has been getting flak for encouraging an anti-social binge-watching culture.

We wanted to challenge that perception by promoting Netflix as the perfect conversation starter.



Bond over your favorite show.


Poster at the dog park

Our conversation starters make it easy to start a discussion with someone new. 

Digital Banners


Badges (enamel pins) are awarded once you finish a season of a Netflix Original. It's an easy way for people to connect with each other and bond over their favorite shows.

You'll be emailed with instructions on how to pick up your free badge.


You can also display virtual badges on your Tinder profile. 

Sponsored Events

Netflix will sponsor events that make it easy for people to get together and form new friendships. Simply go on the microsite and find an event near you. 


Art Director: Ilana Satori Marshall

Copywriter: Chiyeung Lau