SILVER - Creative Circus Student Show Fall 2016


Between 1982 and 2016, there have been 83 mass shootings that have led to 1348 victims. 675 of whom were killed. 

As a response to all of this violence, we decided to create a survival guide and an accompanying website.


Update: As of 11/09/2017, Congress has reintroduced the bill to ban assault weapons.




We aimed to do three things with our survival guide:

1. Save lives. Our guide provides helpful tips for what do in an active shooter scenario. 

2. Highlight how ridiculous it is that a mass shooting survival guide is needed in our country. 

3. Start a discussion about the state of assault weapons in our country, and provide a way to take action

The Content

Call To Action

The survival guide comes with a pre-written detachable postcard. The message on the postcard calls for a renewed ban on assault rifles. Readers can send these postcards to their local representative.


We created where readers can find the digital version of our survival guide and easily find their local representatives. 


Art Director: Ilana Satori Marshall

Copywriter: Chiyeung Lau