SILVER - Creative Circus Student Show Fall 2016


Between 1982 and 2016, there have been 83 mass shootings that have led to 1348 victims. 675 of whom were killed. 

As a response to all of this violence, we decided to create a survival guide.


Update: As of 11/09/2017, Congress has reintroduced the bill to ban assault weapons.




We aimed to do three things with our survival guide:

1. Save lives. Our guide provides helpful tips for what do in an active shooter scenario. 

2. Highlight how ridiculous it is that a mass shooting survival guide is needed in our country. 

3. Start a discussion about the state of assault weapons in our country, and provide a way to take action

The Content

Call To Action

The survival guide comes with a pre-written detachable postcard. The message on the postcard calls for a renewed ban on assault rifles. Readers can send these postcards to their local representative.


Art Director: Ilana Satori Marshall

Copywriter: Chiyeung Lau