Our Products



The Unveiling

We kick off our campaign by unveiling White Bear Industries and our products with a keynote address given by its founder and CEO.  It's will be streamed live on the Facebook pages of Wired and Ars Technica.



The Aftermath

Shortly after, the internet gets riled up.




Promotional Content

We release a special edition issue of Time where White Bear Industries’s CEO, Dejuan Turner, graces the cover of its magazine.

Read the interview here. Or click on the image below to enlarge the photo.



A few days after our grand unveiling, ads for White Bear Industries’s products will begin to roll out. Every ad will direct to White Bear Industries's website.





The Reveal

The teaser for the upcoming season of Black Mirror will appear when people try to purchase the products on the website.

Copywriter: Chiyeung Lau

Art Director: Katie Coward